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Wunderballs (Small (dogs up to 20 lbs))

price: $10.00
FREE DELIVERY with $20.00 min order

These toys are handmade with latex rubber, so they are super durable and bouncy! The unpredictable bounce make this the most unique fetch toy available today. Wunderballs float, so they are fun on the lake or in the pool! They come in lots of bright colors! They are easy to see, fun to chase, and virtually indestructible.

Wunderballs are available in 3 sizes, so you can get the perfect size toy for any size dog.

Small: $10 (for dogs up to 20 lbs)
Medium: $12 (for dogs 21 - 60 lbs)
Large: $14 (for dogs over 60 lbs)
They WILL be included in the current 20% off sale!

"After someone recommended them to me years ago, I recommend them to everyone (sometimes even strangers). My dogs love the food. My mal has a sensitive stomach and he does great on this. Considering I order 120 pounds of dog food at a time, I REALLY appreciate the speedy delivery to my doorstep."

- Michele C

"They do not usually like kibble food but Nature's Select is the only one that I have found that they both love. Everyone is so helpful in helping to select what your dog may like and they truly care about nutrition and health of your pet!"

- Celeste K

"Over the last 20 years, my dogs haven't had any illnesses or poor health since I started using Nature's Select & their lifespans have been extended tremendously. Thank you Nature's Select!!!"

- Holly V